12 Behaviors To Help You Change And Get It Together (Finally!): Part 1

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“Hop out of the sea of mediocrity,

And jump into the ocean of greatness.”

– Tang Sauce

Over here at Daily Liberation—which by the way is just me on a laptop that has a broken keyboard and I have to temporarily use an
external keyboard to give y’all this knowledge—I wanted to outline, through the lens of behavior, what are liberating behaviors that I personally use, endorse as a social worker, and want to create conversations about as a writer.

For you dear friend, I sat down and wrote the areas I am actively seeking to grow in my life and once I understood what I am working toward, I summarized and categories them 13 behaviors (and behavioral sets/routines) which are the practical tools to build the house (my life) that I dream about in my journey.

Without further ado, here they are:

My Liberating Behaviors


  1. Mind-body-spirit practices

  2. Physical Expression/Activity

  3. Self-Hypnosis/Affirmations

  4. Goal-setting

  5. Time Management

  6. Meal Planning

  7. DIY – Body Care

  8. DIY – Cleaning Products

  9. Decluttering/Simplifying Physical Life

  10. Budgeting & Finances

  11. Creating Your Potluck Dish (Pursuing Dreams)

  12. Community Connections

Daily Liberation - www.DailyLiberation.com #Behavior #Change #Blog #MindfulnessAlthough there is a list of 12 items, it is technically 13, when you include mindfulness. Why the distinction? Because: It. Is. That. Important. And it guides all the rest of our behavior.

If you never have heard of mindfulness before, please research it! This approach to awareness is from Buddhism and is introduced by the Buddha himself. Mindfulness is about being aware of our awareness. It is about witnessing the game, the play, the movie—or whatever you want to call life—as a spectator, fan, and audience member. It is about recognizing that life may, and Buddhists would contend is, illusory and even what is declared “real” is still unreal at the same time.

Mindfulness is about bearing witness to this trippy experience that we call “human life on planet earth,” while not getting sucked into this experience. I call this getting sucked in, “zooming-in too much.” This when we look at our life too closely, like with a microscope, rather than seeing the wider perspective—more clearly and with a more balanced view…

I know.

I have gone on an existential bender, which is my favorite type of bender!

Look up mindfulness via the Inter-webs and you will find a better definition, with 23% less existential bender ranting! (unless you like existential bender ranting?). Don’t worry, if you aren’t really interested in Buddhism, there is plenty of secular interpretations of mindfulness. Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), is a great place to start (Jon Kabat-Zinn: Defining Mindfulness).


The most important part of this witnessing aka mindfulness, is non-judgmentally witnessing our own behavior. What are we actually doing? What are we thinking? How we acting and reacting to life?

No, not as a society—I mean everyone individually needs to be aware of their own personal behavior.

“Shit,” we say. We have to be accountable to ourselves? Goddamnnnn!

Sounds easy but not one’s to do it because it is “easier to complain and try to fix your neighbor’s garden than fix your own…”

Tend to your own inner-garden by sitting down and shutting up. Seriously, do it!

Daily Liberation - www.DailyLiberation.com #Behavior #Change #Blog #MindBodySpirit
You could argue that mindfulness is part of this category of behaviors, which it is, but I wanted to separate mindfulness because it helps and can influence all other behavior you want to accomplish (that’s why I made it #0).

Anyways, mind-body-spirit practices, to me includes meditation, qi-gong, yoga, reading, listening to music, prayers, magical rituals, creative expression via artistic mediums, and so much more!

Whatever activity, as long it doesn’t hurt you or someone else and brings balance and fulfillment to your mind-body-spirit, do it!

Don’t downplay the power of going for a simple walk, preferably in Nature.

Daily Liberation - www.DailyLiberation.com #Behavior #Change #Blog #Exercise
Don’t get me wrong, mind-body-spirit practices could qualify for this category too, like martial arts and yoga. Most likely, if you are moving your body in a coordinated way and exerting large amounts of energy, I’m sure this activity could be considered an art. But who really cares about “definitions” anyways? We need to make sure that we are tiring out our body! It is so important. We are all consistently stressed due to many influences in our world (ehem media and polticians…) so all that stress, which is represented by the hormone cortisol in the body, needs to be cleared out and cleared out regulary (read more about cortisol here: Cortisol: Why “The Stress Hormone” Is Public Enemy No. 1).

We can relax when we are de-stressed and strenuous and challenging exercise is one of the best methods that we can de-stress our physical body.

Once our body is relaxed and de-stressed, we can utilize our mental-physical-spiritual faculties to a higher degree of efficiency and efficacy. The normal issues in our day-to-day lives don’t seems as

If you are like me and want to do madddd shit in their life, then we need to make sure we are putting our body through the ringer so we can have a calmer mind.

Try meditating before strenuous exercise and then try meditating after strenuous exercise.

You’ll see how much easier it is to sit quietly when the body is relaxed!

But what do you think? What are your “liberating behaviors”? What works for you? What doesn’t work?

Remember, this is not a lecture, it’s a discussion! I can only hope to ignite and instigate conversation with this blog—because no one has all or even some of the answers—so please leave a comment below to get this party started!



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Be wise like this guy. Wise (mindfully speaking) about your behavior.

Without going out of doors one may know the whole world; without looking out of the window, one may see the Way of Heaven. The further one travels, the less one may know.

Thus it is that without moving you shall know; without looking you shall see; without doing you shall achieve.



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