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Hello friend!

If you are like anyone else who is human, you probably struggle with making change.

Exercising regularly. Eating healthy. Spending more time with family. Pursuing your dreams.

We see others doing what we want to be doing, but we think:

“How are they able to do it and I am struggling to even start?”

Well my friends, then we need to talk about behavior, because to me, the only way to create lasting individual changes that benefit ourselves (and by extension, those around us), we need study behavior: our own and the science of. So if you are struggling with behaviors related to eating, exercising, finances, and even thoughts and emotions, then this blog is for YOU!

I’ll share my failures and successes with my problem areas (eating, exercising, personal goals, finances, and time with family) to open a larger conversation about what works and what doesn’t work for people who want to change their behavior!

My name is Chris Pressley, aka Posh Gibson, which is my alter-ego/inner creative director/consultant. By trade, I am a social worker and community organizer in Hartford, CT. In May 2016, I graduated with my MSW (Masters of Social Work) degree after 4 long years of classes and internships!

Coaxing people to sign up for some bullshit while in grad school…even though I’m smiling I had a terrible headache that day hahaha

Originally, I went to school (undergrad) to be a physical therapist, but when I graduated I wasn’t ga-ga over the idea, especially going to PT school for 3 to 4 years, since I didn’t feel that strongly about this career anymore.

Anyways, I bounced around different jobs in different fields, went to Costa Rica to work on an organic farm, came back to the US, and then even MORE random jobs. BUT luckily I began working at a special education school (children 3-21 years old who mostly were diagnosed with Autism) that my girlfriend at the time was also working at, and this experience changed my life in two ways.

Firstly, it set me on my current trajectory of pursuing social work, which I am so happy is my current profession. Working at this school really solidified my desire to be helping people, in any capacity.

Secondly, and most important to this blog, working at this school taught me A LOT about behavior—behaviorism, behavioral theory, and behavior management. I was fascinated by these concepts, both in theory and in practice. Additionally, my studying of social work also led me to reflect upon people’s behavior is it relates to being a social worker. The final piece of the puzzle, was my diving into Buddhism, which through the study and practice of mindfulness, further strengthened my interest in behavioral awareness (aka mindfulness) as a gateway to personal behavior changes.

Long story short, 5 years later after discovering Pinterest and information about creating a blog. I decided behavior would be a cool topic to write about, to help myself and hopefully help others. I want to initiate practical conversations about the tips, strategies, techniques etc. that support behavior change, as well as the common pitfalls and barriers we all experience.

I am always trying to check my own behavior in the many ways that we all are—healthy eating, exercising, creating goals, not wasting time, following through on what you say you will do etc. We don’t always view this from a behavioral lens though, just the blanket terms like changes or personal growth. At its core, these are behavioral changes since there is always something…

  • We want to stop doing (and ideally replace with another behavior—¡importante!)

  • We want do instead (of what we are doing now)

  • We want keep doing (and maintain consistency)

  • We want start doing (blank canvas!)

I think one of the greatest difficulties of making [behavioral] changes is that we don’t view them logically and scientifically enough (too much passion and emotionality), and we also don’t usually incorporate behavioral principles to help us make those difficult and uncomfortable changes.

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Personally and professionally, I want to lead by example and burn-away all the behaviors/behavioral patterns that no longer serve me.

Let’s change our behavior together!

Strength in numbers, right?

Thanks for visiting Daily Liberation!

Chris Pressley aka Posh Gibson