My Podcasts!


This podcast developed after befriending a writer and MC in Hartford, CT (my current city of residence), Patrick Williams aka Rico da Gawd and John Manselle-Young aka Tang Sauce respectively. I was personally inspired by their creating and spirit, so I thought it would be powerful to do a weekly motivational podcast with them.

We have been doing #MasteryMondays for about 4 months now and we have enjoyed doing every episode, even have had a few guests along the way.

 If you need motivation and inspiration in your life (who doesn’t?), check us out!

Keep Your Head Up:

This was my first podcast I began doing during my master of social work graduate program, after learning about and being inspired by The Joe Rogan Experience, a raw 2-3 hour podcast hosted by stand-up comedian and UFC color commentator, Joe Rogan. Since listening to JRE, I have to come to like many other shows as well.

I was fascinated by this style of media and quickly wanted to do my own version. The main difference for my show would be focusing more on social work-social justice-community organizing-activism themes. I have relaxed my own definition of this podcast, to be more about having conversations with inspiring and motivating people.

This podcast will always be my baby, as I move forward on doing other podcasts (by myself and with others), and starting a podcast network in the next year.

P.S. All my podcasts are available on iTunes and Stitcher, in addition to SoundCloud, under the name”Posh Gibson Radio.”

Thanks for listening!